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Side Tables

Side Tables

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Give a makeover to your drawing room

Side tables are the hottest thing in the arena of home decor and thanks to the swarm of stylish side tables online, you get to pick from an assortment of beauties. In India side tables are of immense utility but that should not deprive them of their fashion quotient. Keeping this philosophy in mind Orange Tree has designed side tables that are the epitome of quirkiness. With swanky features and innovative patterns, these side table are sure to sneak their way into your home and make them lovely than ever.

Sleek, creative and portable

Gone are the days when people opted for boring, bulky tables. With the infusion of contemporary style, everyone wants to experiment a bit with the appearance of their homes. And Orange tree helps you to do just that by offering you a collection of tables that inspires and excites. With the interesting patterns and motifs, the stylish side tables here come in designs such as wooden finish lean tables, mesh wire stands, tripod base etc which are sure to attract you at the first glance.

Modesty at its heart

The highlight of the side tables at Orange tree is that they have a simplistic design yet are a class apart on account of its constitution. These designer side tables exude charisma that would attract anyone’s attention since they are truly modern and chic. Not to mention that these side tables are of robust and sturdy making and would not disappoint you in terms of their weight keeping qualities.  The vibrant shades and wooden finish of these tables make them endearing and give them the license to embellish your settings. So don’t think much, take the call and go ahead to revamp your living room with these beauties.