Purchase Chromatic Table Lamps – Embellish the Room with Splendid Lighting Alternative

Is it at all possible to work efficiently in a room that is dim lit? Of course, not! A dark room is the symbol of depression and negativity. On the other hand sufficient lightning in the room infuses positive energy… Continue Reading →

Choose Fascinating Lamps to Brighten the Aura of Your Room

The entire tone and ambience of room is changed when a vibrant, exotic lamp radiates sober light beams in all the directions. A high standard lamp not only acts as a source of light but also forms a crucial design… Continue Reading →

Designer Lamps: Facelift for your home

Reinventing is the way to interpret things. It could be a process, a technique, the way you use elements to bring about the change. The excitement lay in the challenge to transform any corner of your space by adding the… Continue Reading →

TABLE LAMPS: Adding light and accent

The most remarkable feature of Table lamps is that they do double duty to provide optimum lighting and a visual accent for a room. Allowing you to bring portable light where you need it, on an end table, bedroom chest,… Continue Reading →

Study lamps from Orange Tree: comforting your eyes in stylish way

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, then why miss the recipe? Reading in low light does not damage eyes, though it may cause discomfort and eye strain. For the optimum illumination, you should use study lamps to… Continue Reading →

Decorate the space you love spending time in: Living Room Décor

Always the main room of your home, mostly the first that you enter through the door and normally it gets combined with the dining, a place go by many names, and serves various diverse functions. The place which experienced many… Continue Reading →

Make a simple yet bold statement: Wall art from ORANGE TREE

Everyone looks for that one piece on the wall which is the center piece in your space. A show stopper. A focal point, where the visitor stands and appreciates your taste and the piece together! Art can bring a space… Continue Reading →

Grab gold for home decor

Gold hasn’t always been associated with the most modern of aesthetics. The metallic hue was once reserved for more traditional spaces, but its resurgence over the last few years will have you going ga-ga–that is, when it’s done right. No matter… Continue Reading →

Wall Décor: Let the walls do the talking

There’s nothing worse than staring at the same plain walls, day in, day out and decorating the house is equally a daunting task. Whenever the ‘D’ word comes up in conversation, boyfriends and husbands throughout the world shiver with the… Continue Reading →

Sole purpose of decor: Make your house your home!

THE sole purpose of décor: Make your house your home Fashion and decor often get a bad rap. They are seen by many as frivolous and indulgent, materialistic and unimportant. Unimportant? I kindly disagree.  While a Pinterest-perfect home is far from… Continue Reading →

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